Customized Power Solution Products

We at ESSAR ENGINEERS offer unique combination of the Latest Technology, Product Quality & After-sale-Service for Customized Power Solution Products . The Unique Combinations have helped us maintain our `Preferred-Solution Partner‘ status amongst the Chosen Premier Customers we serve.

There are Three categories of products available:

Standard Products

Standardised products comprise of generally available products like:

  • Un-interruptible Power Systems (UPS) up to 4320 KW (4.32 MW)
  • Sealed Lead Acid / VRLA Batteries for UPS Systems
  • Battery Cabinets, Battery MCCB Boxes, Battery Bank Monitoring Kits / Ancilliaries
  • Power Conditioners, Frequency Coverters up to 500 KW (0.5 MW)
  • Stand-by Power Generators
  • Regulated DC Power Supplies

Customized Products

For special Input / Output Voltage / Frequency & Mulitple Output Power Sources such as those with 50 Hz to 60 Hz/ 83.33 Hz / 400 Hz Conversion, 400 V, 3 Phase to 200 V, 3 Phase Conversion or vice-versa OR virtually any Voltage Frequency Combination.

  • Un-interruptible Power Systems (UPS) for AC/DC/Combo Applications
  • Constant Voltage & Current Constant Frequency (CVCF) Systems up to 240 KW
  • Power Conditioners up to 500 KW
  • Active Harmonic Filters up to 4000 KW
  • Data Center Cooling Solutions


Accessories which may also be used by other than Back-up Power Industry.

  • Battery Cabinets
  • Battery Racks
  • Distribution Panels
  • UPS / Equipment Maintenance Bypass Panels
  • Over / Under Voltage Protections
  • Over / Under Frequency Protections