Customized Solar Power Plant Solutions

Solar Power Plants are suited for Un-interrupted energy needs of Modern Industrial Set-Ups, Automated Commercial Establishments, Intelligent Homes for enhancing the Power Availability & Power Quality to Critical Loads by harvesting Solar Energy as Primarily shared Source during Sunlight-Hours, Incoming Supply as Primary Source during Non-Sun-Light Hours and Optional Back-up Battery(*) as the back-up Source in case of absence of Sun-Light as well as Incoming Supply.

We offer Customized Solar Power Plant Solutions for Electronic Solar Power System that can be customized to user needs based on specific Application’s Power Pattern-Requirements.

Typical Applications of Sower Power Plants – 

  • Industrial Automation and Instrumentation
  • IT Loads including Servers, Switches, Routers, Video Conferencing Equipment
  • Telecom Equipment
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • Modern Housing Complexes
  • Re-fuel Stations
  • Administrative Offices
  • Educational Institutes / Training Centers

Solar Pump Controller

Upto 30 HP

DAVNI-SPC Solar Pump Controller is a unique blend of Indigenous Engineering and World-acclaimed, Field-Proven state of the art Power Electronics. DAVNI-SPC facilitates optimum field performance in terms of Reliability, Energy Harvesting and Protection.

While using advanced microprocessor control and sunlight dependent water flow logic; DAVNI-SPC is rugged and simple to operate and monitor. Outdoor Seismic Construction allows it’s installation besides/ below the Solar Panels to minimize DC Drop Power Losses. Standard built-in load impedance compensation ensures longer service life of the pump-motor and associated hardware.

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*Battery Back-up is an independent domain and solar energy harvesting is an independent domain. Its strongly recommended to have holistic view of the subject prior to procuring something that actually results in negligible (or even negative) real-life advantage. Storage of the harvested energy in the batteries is actually necessary for places where Grid-supply is not available. Users with Grid supply should however treat Solar Energy Harvesting as Independent requirement and battery back-up as independent requirement. For more information on the subject, please do write to us at

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Customized Solar Power Plant Solutions